If you haven’t watched the movie ‘The Internship’ with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, then you absolutely must do so. Like tonight! Not only is it a great movie, but it gives us a fab insight into the wonderful world of Google. A place where I reckon at least 95% of the UK population would give up a week in the rain for.

The movie ‘Social Network’ is another great one for indulging our imaginations and letting us own a little piece of knowledge about the things that we all, believe it or not, depend on every day.


The Internship and Social Network have actually been out for a couple of years now, but the recent TV documentaries from Lego and Domino’s just prove that we will never be bored of seeing what goes on behind the doors of the world’s most powerful brands. But what makes them powerful?

If you listen to any of their CEOs talking, they all have one thing in common – The Company’s Vision and Values. They all want their Company to be ‘an environment’, ‘a family’ and for all employees to live, breath and have the same opinions of the brand.

I’ve been in a fortunate position where over the years I have worked with some great people, people that just get why businesses succeed and the ways in which you should go about making your brand amazing.


I’ve you’ve ever watched or listened to any TED talks, then you may have heard of an amazing speaker called Simon Sinek. Simon quite often talks of the ‘golden circle’ and the famous ‘why’.

Basically, every business or brand should have a ‘why’. A ‘why’ other than to make money and be profitable (which is a given), a ‘why’ your company exists. A ‘why’ you do what you do. If you can’t answer yourself that or you work in an environment where you don’t know what your ‘why’ is, then that is one surefire reason that your company or brand will absolutely never be as successful as Lego, Google or Facebook!

On a side note though, recent conversations with my partner in crime led us to talk about different types of Companies and why it could be perceived as being ‘easier’ to find their ‘why’ and create values which all employees want to live by, such as Google and Lego. But what happens when a company just can’t find their why? What if it is just a service they provide, like The BT Phone Book – surely you still have to be proud of that service? Can you get employees just as excited and motivated to live by your values if it’s ‘just a service’? For example, what do the likes of a ‘data input’ company do? Or a product testing company? One where a job might be deemed as monotonous? Wouldn’t you love to see a documentary on a Company just like that? I would.

And then, what happens where an established company just decides one day that they will introduce some values? Is that enough? Of course not. When a CEO can truly live by the values, when recruitment is based on the values, discipline, environment and culture is based on the values, then that’s a good starter for ten, but all it takes is for just one person not on the same path as the rest and for that person not to be dealt with the same as the rest would – well then you may as well face it now; Google, Facebook, Lego and Domino’s will always be better, more profitable and longer lived. And so will the Company next door who manages to do what you can’t!

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