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I woke up this morning with a bright idea. Simply put, I thought to myself that we often see footballers shirts hung up in places, signed by the superstar themselves. A lot of people take pride to show this kind of art work off; to support their heroes. But my hero is my little boy, and when he learned to write his name, I was a very proud mama. Soooo……. why not use an old baby grow, maybe one of the first ones they wore (you know you all have them still) and when they start to write their name (you could do it at any age of course, but I like the messy pre school writing personally) get them to autograph it, even add pictures and then display it, as proud as punch!

Signed Babygrow
Signed Baby grow – just an example, not my sons writing!

I’ve found some lovely memory frames from Hobbycraft which I think are perfect – A4 in size is probably just the ideal size for a newborn size baby grow.

This is going to be my project this week I think – I’ll post a picture of it so you can all see, and I would love to see pictures of yours too. Let’s start a new trend!

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