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This is not a review before you go any further, but more a rant to myself, hoping that by the time I’m finished, I will have started to accept the fact or at least started to understand why Legoland and in particular Legoland Windsor are so bloody expensive!

So, it started a few days ago when my 5 year old son confirmed to me that his holiday location of choice would be Legoland this year. Having watched the documentary and having to constantly pick up the lethal blocks that are left lying around with constant use in our house, I agreed and started to think about planning our trip.

I started by looking at Legoland Windsor. Why? Well 1. It is in our own country and 2. I thought would be relatively easy to get to (wrong!!). I then started to look at Legoland in Billand (still a good contender for our summer fun – much easier to get to and costs an awful lot less than our ‘local’ one).

I got distracted as I do and never booked anything that day, but low and behold I received an email today from Legoland Windsor kindly informing me of a special offer in the summer – Kids go free! Well, I thought, we may as well have a look.

I’m not sure what dates I put in originally, but I’m pretty sure we could have hired a villa and taken 10 family members on holiday for that. I put in a few other dates and eventually got the ‘best’ I could come up with.

1 night at Legoland Windsor with park tickets (albeit you were getting the second day park ticket free) came to the grand total of £589. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a rant about how much it costs, although parting with that amount of cash for one nights stay would make me physically sick, but instead it is about why Legoland Windsor think that they can justify charging so much money for one night in their hotel.

This lead me on to look for other hotels and in particular, family hotels (by this point, curiosity was getting the better of me) and I came across a very comprehensive review from FIVE STAR ALLIANCE – where they list the ‘World’s Best…’ and issue awards.

five star alliance
five star alliance

In 2014 – The World’s Best Family Hotel was a hotel called Acqualina, and it is located in Miama, Florida. It is also rated #1 on TripAdvisor.

Emmet on holiday

Would you know, for the same dates and for the same amount of people, it costs just £254 for one night at the Acqualina. Just out of curiosity, I also checked how much it was for one night at the Burj Al Arab – you know, the one in Dubai that looks like a boat sail – the one that is often voted the most luxurious hotel in the world?? Well for one nights stay here, prices start at just £821 – a mere £232 more than if you stayed at Legoland Windsor.

One night at Legoland
One night at Legoland
One nights stay at Acqualina
One nights stay at Acqualina







Don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t put me off the Lego brand or even the resorts, but knowing that Legoland will charge you more, and then some, of what is actually acceptable just makes me a bit annoyed. I can’t actually believe that it costs more than double the price to stay in Legoland than it would to stay in the World’s Best Family Hotel. Also, just for information, it costs half of what it does to stay in Legoland Windsor to stay in Legoland Billand. Is it any wonder that people don’t holiday in their own country these days?

If you have read this far, thank you. If you happen to be someone from Legoland – I would still very much like to go to your hotel (in Windsor at a push) if you were to provide me with a complimentary stay, but until prices are more ‘appropriate’ to other countries and are in line with other highly rated hotels, I think my and my wee soldier will be heading off elsewhere this year!

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