HIV Pos Man

During the whole two minutes of this video, I think I felt every emotion possible. I feared at the start of the video that nobody was going to touch him and that made me angry and disappointed. As people started to touch him and give him a hug, I felt proud; proud of society, but by the end of the video I actually felt sad. Sad for two reasons…1. there are still a lot of people in society today that just wouldn’t go near the guy and 2. nobody gave him a kiss on the cheek! I would have loved to be that person! You never ever know someone’s situation – we don’t know how or why he became HIV Positive, but the reality is, that he has to live with that for the rest of his life. By knowing that there are some people who can see past an illness or a condition, from experience, sometimes this really is enough to give you the strength to carry on. Good job people of Finland!

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