Today is my best friends 32nd Birthday! His name is Stuart and we have been best buddies for 20 years! He and his lovely wife Krystal have just had their first baby, Sonnny and own a fabulous restaurant in Edinburgh called Aizle.

Stuart, Krystal and the staff at Aizle Edinburgh
Stuart, Krystal and the staff at Aizle Edinburgh

Even if he wasn’t my best pal, I would still highly recommend you visit. The concept is fab, no menu as such, just a list of ingredients and at a set price, it takes all the indecision out of it for you. Using local and only the freshest ingredients, you can also opt for paired drinks which even I struggle to keep up with, but well worth it! Check it out on social media for loads of pictures and reviews…

Happy Birthday Stuart xxx

Aizle on Twitter

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