I got to SOA a little later than most but with the help of Netflix, last night I finished Season 4 (oh my god, I don’t know if I can take anymore of the drama!!).

Anyway, the other day I got a notification from Twitter telling me that a “Josh Nasar” was following me.

I looked him up and it turns out he plays Sherif Carreira in Season 6&7! He’s also a stand up comedian and TV host. To say I was shocked was an understatement but in reality thought that he’d followed the wrong person by mistake!

Not one to pass up an opportunity though, I racked my brain and tweeted him back with something which I thought was pretty witty! “Hey, thanks for the follow! I’m not very interesting or funny, but you need some boring connections, right?”…

He’s only gone and favourited it. And retweeted it. AND replied……

“Haaaaaaaaa, yes I do!!!!!!!!”

Check me out!! #wellimpressedwithmyself – if only Jax was on Twitter!!

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