Butterfly Pattern Free Download #AdultColouring #MillieMarotta #Zentangle

It seems that colouring in for adults is all the rage just now, and when my free  download popped into my inbox at the weekend, I just had to get the pencils out! In fact, that is a complete lie – I printed the free download and passed it to Maddie (who’s 8) and let her get the pencils out. However, I started getting twitchy about how neat it was and wondered if I could do just as well; so I printed a different one for me which I attach pictures of our progress so far for your amusement! It’s addictive though, and I actually can’t wait to finish it to see what it looks like.

Christina's Colouring in

Here’s a wee blog from Hobbycraft all about colouring in…..

It seems we just can’t get enough of colouring in at the moment, from beautiful flora and fauna illustration to beautiful geometric patterns, there are lots of great books on offer to satisfy every colouring need!

Perfect for whiling away a sunny afternoon in the garden, or banishing rainy day blues, there are a hundred and one different ways to get creative with your colouring in.

The incredibly talented Millie Marotta has designed a new book, featuring beautiful illustrations for adult colourists everywhere to turn their artistic hand to. Plus a few blank spaces to create a few of your own tropical inspired designs.

Imagery and text courtesy of Millie Marotta’s Tropical Wonderland published by Batsford Ltd

Like animal kingdom, this book forms a collection of illustrations of flora and fauna, this time inspired by my own travels to far-flung places and all the exotic species that I have been lucky enough to see along the way. It also includes some of those that I’ve not yet been fortunate enough to see for myself in the wild, and so in that sense it also serves to satisfy my own flight of fancy and general obsession with nature.

Butterfly Pattern Free Download

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Butterfly Pattern Free Download #AdultColouring #MillieMarotta #Zentangle


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