I’m always on the lookout for new concepts and @appearhere provide me with just that! I’d love the idea of a pop up shop at some stage and just wished that Scotland (Glasgow) had more to offer. Some time ago, I stumbled upon an amazing site called @appearhere. I absolutely love getting their emails, if not for anything else, but to see the amazing spaces available – unfortunately most of them are in London or surrounding areas, but they are still good fun to have a look at. If by chance you have ever had the opportunity to look at spaces yourself, especially in Scotland (Glasgow), you will know that the rent and rates are just astounding – I have no idea how new start up companies make any profit paying the rents and rates in Glasgow! Anyway, rant over, the guys at Appear Here not only showcase the most fantastic spaces, they also write some pretty awesome material too – my absolute favourites are the success stories of people that simply have a big idea and that do their absolute best to make it happen. My goal is to appear on the site one day – you’ve got to think big!

Anyway, head over to www.appearhere.co.uk and check out the success stories for yourself! You will be amazed at some of the great ideas these guys have had! Personal favourites have got to be……

Google House – where Google rented a townhouse in London to showcase their latest inventions…


iZettle’s pop up store – it literally popped up and down in the same day – why not?!

Benefit’s pop up beauty parlour – who else would you want doing your plucking and tinting?

Adidas – The Champions League Final Pub, where they created the ultimate football pub! and finally…


Homeland Launch – Pop up Polygraph Event – to celebrate the launch of Homeland Season 2 – the marketing guys for Homeland installed a pop up polygraph area where punters like you and I could go along for a turn. Homeland-Polygraph-Arg-from-TOWIE

A hats off to the guys over at Appear Here – you keep me amused for longer than you should every week, but I can honestly say that my imagination or dreams would not be anywhere near as creative as they are without your regular delivery of awesomeness. Thank you x

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