Harp Ice or Hop House?!

We’re in Belfast just now and the accent is just amazing! We’ve been informed whilst on an open top bus in the pouring rain, that there are 22 Belfast accents!! We’re having difficulty ¬†with our beer ordering though. In Belfast Harp Ice sounds very like Hop House, it’s hilarious!!! Here’s a wee something that I […]

Women Helping Women

A strong mentor can help a young woman find and advance in the career of her dreams that otherwise may have seemed impossible. -Kirsten Gillibrand There are so many reasons why women should become more involved in the mentorship of other women and young…

Happy Birthday!

Today is my best friends 32nd Birthday! His name is Stuart and we have been best buddies for 20 years! He and his lovely wife Krystal have just had their first baby, Sonnny and own a fabulous restaurant in Edinburgh called Aizle. Even if he wasn’t my best pal, I would still highly recommend you […]