How to Make a Floral Pick Buttonhole

Make buttonholes without the hassle of time pressure with fresh flowers – use floral picks instead, to create a buttonhole you can treasure as a special keepsake. How to Make a Floral Pick Buttonhole Skill level: Beginner Time to Make: 30 minutes per buttonhole You Will Need Selection of Floral Picks » Florists Tape » Twine » or […]

Geek Girl

Girls, we’re naturals. Apparently!!

“Women are naturals in computer programming”, a quote from Cosmopolitan in 1967, yes 1967!! I’m not sure I agree with this though, perhaps back then when men were made for more manual labor and didn’t mind getting their actual hands (and face) dirty, but nowadays (and I say this only from watching this first hand […]

Appear [Here]…

I’m always on the lookout for new concepts and @appearhere provide me with just that! I’d love the idea of a pop up shop at some stage and just wished that Scotland (Glasgow) had more to offer. Some time ago, I stumbled upon an amazing site called @appearhere. I absolutely love getting their emails, if […]